Top 7 Reasons to use Instagram for business?

Instagram has grown to be a powerful e-commerce platform apart from socializing and visual sharing in recent times. It has changed the market dynamics with products and services delivered at the customers’ doorsteps. You have all sorts of providers and receivers on this platform without the involvement of any middleman, making it one of the best sites to reach your audience.

Seven reasons to use Instagram for business

#oneuse the Instagram storyboard to reach your customers

Do you have an announcement to make? Do you want to know about the likes and dislikes of your customers? Using Instagram story features makes you more flexible with your audience. Many people do not wish to invest their time in the post section and rather use Instagram stories that can be swiped erratically. However, if something is interesting, like art, built texts, and stickers, then it will make your customers scroll to your business feed instantly.

#tip -add behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers to portray a brand’s fun personality to your customers to make them believe in your natural products.

#twoInstagram reels to talk about your business

You can get creative when it comes to Instagram reels and portray your business from every angle you want to. The best advice is to make short clips that talk about your products and services in a very amusing way that will make your audience scroll through your feed and watch your reels repeatedly because they can never get enough of it. For instance, if your business is into bridal wear and accessories, you can make a short Instagram reel with an influencer wearing your bridalwear and ruling the bridal gown through her moves. Reels are interesting because they’re short, crisp, and have amazing music that makes viewers watch them repeatedly.

#tip- Always have your Instagram business account public to make better interactions with new users so that they can see you in the explore section.

#three- Instagram hashtags to make you visible in the crowd

You can make yourself visible in a vast array of brands and businesses by using the right set of hashtags with keywords associated with your business. When you add branded hashtags to your posts on Instagram, it works wonders because your Instagram algorithm increases as you constantly use these hashtags. As a result, you become very visible on the Instagram explore section. A piece of advice is always to create hashtags that will make you viable online and use these branded hashtags on every platform.

#tip -use branded hashtags used by famous personalities in the same industry.

#four- Instagram shop for sales and marketing

The newest feature introduced by Instagram is an Instagram shop which is a perfect gateway from regular photos and content because this section of Instagram is only devoted to advertising, sales, and marketing. In this section, a catalog of your products and services is presented to your customers, including fine detailing and descriptions of the products and services you provide. It also has space for pricing, ratings, and reviews. Of course, you have to provide visuals to your customers who are accessible to them via the view shop button on your profile page. In addition, when customers look for items similar to your industry, your products also get listed in the suggestions column.

#tip -provide interesting discounts and giveaways to excite your production services.

#five- Instagram IGTV for visual and Long clips

With the introduction of Instagram IGTV, creators could create long videos that would go on for a very long time. Therefore, they have been designed to function to make the viewers click on the full-screen mode and watch the video for a prolonged duration. IGTV is an interesting feature because you do not require the television to reach your audience. IGTV itself acts as a mini television that sends the message you want to deliver to your audience in a very crisp format. It also provides the URL, so if your audience wants to learn more about the products or services you are advertising, they can click on that URL and reach your website to learn more about your products and services.

#tip -make videos that arouse a strong feeling of interactions within your audience and link it to a social cause to get the best human connections

#Six- Instagram video calling to connect with your clients

A unique thing about small businesses is that they always get connected with their customers as they make their customers their topmost priority. With Instagram video calling, you can make one-to-one connections easier to build a rapport with your audience. In addition, you can also use this channel to set up conference meetings and as a guiding tool to reach customers when they have an issue with a product or a service. Instagram video calling is a very flexible feature and does not include tech-savvy features making it a user-friendly platform.

#tip- video call your customers after every purchase to ensure that they are flexible with your service

#seven- Instagram live to engage with your audience

In the real market, you cannot have a live interaction with your audience that may be present in different geographical locations. However, with the Instagram live feature, You can build connections with your audience, answer their queries and even have QA sessions to make them aware of your products and services. In addition, you can even go live with influencers and content creators to support your business and make healthy promotions for you.

#tip -goe live with famous personalities, especially influencers that can promote and endorse your

products and services with their high number of followers

The bottom line

This is all about Instagram for business. But do you know you can also use Facebook for business and expand your business to new platforms with features that will upscale it from a small scale to a large scale venture? As your creativity will stand out in the crowd, we advise you to use these Instagram features to make the best out of your marketing skills and provide the best customer service to your audience.

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