Buying Facebook Likes “to do or not to do”

Facebook has an information page on buying Facebook likes, it’s called keeping your activity authentic, check out the Facebook page here 

Why do People Buy Facebook likes

Here are 5 reasons why people buy Facebook likes 

    1. News Feed Visibility – Get your content seen by more people
    2. Likers Have More Friends – get your content seen by the friends of followers
    3. What Your Friends Like Matters – get your content seen by people interested in what you do
    4. Likes Mean Social Proof – be seen as a leader in your field
    5. Increased exposure – better like & share options from your website content and news feed. 

Now let’s look at the question about buying Facebook likes

Are Facebook likes worth buying? You may be tempted to pay to have more likes on social media if you’re a social media manager at a major brand or if you’re just starting out and trying to get noticed. social media marketing, smm, social media managment, PPC, buying facebook likes,

Moreover, it is important to note that building up organic followers can take a very long time. You have to post, reply, and maintain the page, producing regular content that people like. It’s a lot to handle and takes a lot of your valuable time.


But it is not a good idea to buy Facebook likes. This is one of those cases where the old adage rings true “if a job is worth doing, do it right”. A £50 purchase of 500 likes will result in an unqualified, disengaged audience – or probably a bunch of fake views from fake accounts.

This just ends up being a waste of money. Worse still, what could be worse? Over time, it may actually degrade your Facebook performance.

DFY Social discusses the pros and cons of buying Facebook likes (and why it’s a bad idea).


How & Where to buy Facebook likes

Is it possible to purchase likes on Facebook? You can pay for likes on hundreds of sites, and a lot of them offer cheap likes. 

You’ll find an abundance of sites selling Facebook likes and promising that you’ll “boost your likes in seconds!”.It seems too good to be true when prices are this low. (Because they are.)

Buy Cheap Social, Boost Likes, or even Fiverr allow you to buy likes. You will see thousands of new followers in a few days.

Why would someone want fake Facebook likes?

“Fake likes” Facebook refers to “services that solicit likes for a fixed price from people who are registered on Facebook but have no intent to post.” They may also be fake accounts with little or no real activity or followers

How much do Facebook likes cost

There is no such thing as a quality Facebook Like service, you can buy likes for as little as a penny per like, or 10,000 likes for just £5 to £500.


Is buying Facebook likes legal?

Yes it’s legal to buy Facebook likes, but it’s also a bad business practice, like we said earlier, if a job’s worth doing, its worth doing right.


Can you get banned for buying likes?

If you buy likes on Facebook, your page won’t be banned. Although Facebook’s T&Cs do not actually prohibit the purchase of likes, we discourage it in the future. However, fake accounts are frequently banned by the site. Facebook will ban their accounts if it detects and catches fake likes. Because both businesses and individuals on our platform are looking for real connections and results, we have a strong incentive to aggressively chase down fake likers.

Fake Facebook likes will result in lower sales and results for businesses, as Facebook warns: “Instead of doing more business, businesses may acquire less business on Facebook if their connections are fake.”.  Consequently, we have multiple teams that monitor for unauthorized activity and take action when needed.”


dfy socialHere are some reasons why buying Facebook likes is a bad idea

Buying Facebook likes can be a bad idea for business for a variety of reasons, but they all boil down to one thing: What will happen to those new likes you buy? You’re either dealing with fake accounts, inactive accounts, or users who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Likes do not translate into sales – and such actions make it even harder to connect with your actual fans.

EdgeRank measures engagement on Facebook by looking at how many people interact with your posts: What is the engagement rate on your page? The number of likes, comments, and shares?

EdgeRank indicates that you’re offering quality content your followers enjoy or find valuable. 

When Your score is low? Facebook will only display your content to a small portion of your followers (if any).

Fake users and unqualified followers rarely engage with posts, even on pages that they “like.” As a result, engagement rates are low.

A page’s organic reach and EdgeRank are intimately related, so when something adverse happens to your EdgeRank, your page’s organic reach depreciates. It is not being displayed in as many followers’ NewsFeeds, so it does not appear in the news feeds of your followers’ social circles. There are many ways to become socially invisible.

It’s ultimately your goal to generate leads and revenue with your Facebook campaign, correct? Nothing further can be accomplished by buying Facebook likes. It may increase the number of likes on your page, but it diminishes your overall reach, and it certainly doesn’t increase the number of potential customers you can reach out to.

You should never buy likes in order to generate interest.

The customers of today demand authenticity, transparency and a sense of trustworthiness. When your latest post is spotted with hundreds of fake likes, how does that reflect on your brand? Perhaps they noticed your following rose by 2,000 after three days? Reputation can definitely be damaged by it.

What is the best way to get real likes on Facebook?

What are some tips for getting more Facebook likes and driving engagement now that you know what not to do? You might consider investing in Facebook advertising if your organic reach isn’t growing fast enough.

When targeting potential fans with Facebook ads, you can get a lot more precise than just buying likes. Understanding your target audience will help you reach more people who are interested in what you have to offer.

In just a few hours, you can bring in hundreds or even thousands of new followers. How about the best parts? Those followers will be qualified, they will be interested in you, your content and what you do, they are likely to buy, share, like and interact.

Why is this story important?, its easy to take the short cut or hack however who is going to help you make those informed decisions?

Work with DFY Social and advertise or boost for Facebook likes. Don’t buy them.

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