Google Maps and their Part in Promoting Local Businesses

Google Maps

Google Maps for Local Business’s is a highly essential and key marketing tool that has proven to be successful on multiple occasions. They have worked extremely efficiently and have produced optimum results for small and medium sized business specially. They are ideal for helping local people in your vicinity discover your local business and the local products and local services that you offer. 

If you are a startup business owner or the sales of your already established business are not producing the numbers that you were hoping for, then we would highly recommend you to opt for this marketing tool in order to obtain guaranteed results. If a person is searching for a coffee shop in their area, and the first three search results on google contain your business, then the chances of the potential customer visiting your store are highly likely.

Let’s now look at what google maps are and further elaborate on how they can prove to be beneficial for your business?

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What are Google Maps?

Before we dive into the pros of Google Maps and why it is an absolute must to incorporate Google Maps into your website, let’s first take a quick glance at what google maps are. It is usually described as a ‘web mapping’ platform. The purpose behind it is to provide users with a map of any area in the world, with multiple features like panoramic views, traffic conditions and even gives estimates of how long a certain route would take.

In addition to planning routes, Google maps also acts efficiently as a GPS. Not only does it assist people in exploring different regions and areas in the world and planning their journeys, it also plays a vital role in promoting local businesses. When a business owner registers their site’s location on google maps, it becomes easier for people within a certain business to stumble upon their business.

How does Google Maps for Local Business’s come into play?

As someone who surfs the internet frequently, you must have come across the term ‘local searches.’ This is when a user searches for products or services in his own vicinity so it’s more accessible and feasible for them.

For instance, if a user searches for ‘flower shops near me’ and your flower shop is located in their area and with the help of google maps, they are able to discover your shop then there is a high chance that the user will lean towards buying from your shop. This is because people tend to prefer buying from stores that are close to them, hence avoiding a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Google maps makes the location of your business accessible to users, therefore it has the tendency and potential to increase the number of people that show up to your physical store or worksite.

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  • How do Google Maps work on smart devices?

When a user searches for a business, yours might pop up on the top, directing the user to the physical location of your business.

  • Can you update the imagery for your site?

Google maps currently doesn’t have the feature that allows users to update the imagery for their area. However, the team at Google is always working to ensure that the search results are usually up to date.

  • Can I edit the information about my business on Google Maps?

Yes. In case your business has any updates or changes regarding the name, business hours or any other thing that is relevant to google maps, you can simply go the location on the map and suggest an edit. Once google approves of your edit, the necessary changes will be made.


If you want your sales and your business’ progress to reach new heights, then Google maps for local business’s is just what you are looking for. It is one of the key methods of targeting customers in your locality and encouraging them to make purchases from your store. In addition to the ease of discovering the physical location of your store, due to the information available for your business, it becomes easier for potential customers to contact you and get in touch with your business.

There are no complicated requirements for setting up your business on Google Maps and the process is very simple. So, what are you waiting for? Register today and see a definite increase in your sales!

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