The Best Psychology Hacks In Marketing

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Top Hacks In Marketing   Any marketer worth his value in sales will tell you that it’s all about getting potential customers to spend their money on your products. And yes, there are many factors involved in developing a working marketing strategy with a decent success rate. However, if you really want to succeed at […]

What You Should Know About Inclusive Marketing

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Inclusive Marketing Have you ever seen an advertisement and felt like it was meant for someone else and not for you. You must have felt alienated like you were unimportant. Sadly, societal bias and stereotypes based on race, ethnicity, and religion are all too common and this reflects in the marketing. For instance, males are […]

How to Get More Paid Traffic

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The Secrets of Generating Paid Traffic While many startup businesses may scoff at the thought of paid traffic, it can be a great way to send more traffic to your site. Some will even argue that paid sources of traffic are even better and more effective than free sources. So how can you make the […]

How to Get More Organic Traffic

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Organic Traffic Many site owners want to be more visible to online shoppers than their competitions. For this, they spend a considerable amount of their investment on SEO. But there is plenty one can do to help rank their site without having to spend too much money. That is what we are going to look […]

How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts

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How to Draft a Marketing Message Regardless of your marketing campaign whether it is running Facebook ads or creating a message for your homepage, the message needs to resonate with people and do so in a powerful way. Only then can you gain an edge in compelling people to purchase your products. However, this is […]

OTT Marketing – What You Should Know

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OTT Marketing – Using (OTT) Over The Top Platforms The internet continues to offer a great platform for marketing advertising and now savvy brands are taking it a step further and focusing their attention on OTT marketing. Thanks to the power of OTT, businesses are now able to follow their customers on other channels and […]

Conversational Marketing-How to Do It Right

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Conversational Marketing – What is it When live chat first came out, it revolutionized service delivery. It was now easy for customers to get a customer service agent and receive support and the customers felt heard. Because of this, many customers reported higher levels of satisfaction and showed this in reviews and testimonials. This is […]

Can Google Maps Promote Local Businesses

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Google Maps and their Part in Promoting Local Businesses Google Maps Google Maps for Local Business’s is a highly essential and key marketing tool that has proven to be successful on multiple occasions. They have worked extremely efficiently and have produced optimum results for small and medium sized business specially. They are ideal for helping […]

Google Map Marketing

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Redefining What Google Map Marketing Is Google Announces Major Overhaul of Google Map Marketing Google Maps Introduces new Features, New Information and Artificial Intelligence If like me you are of an age when you carried in your car a box full of local road maps, booklets and struggled every day, clinging onto a printout in […]

Email Marketing for Business Tips and Tricks

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Email Marketing for Business Tips & tricks to get your business new customers using “Email Marketing”. When people think about email marketing for business, the first thing that often comes to mind is that it is a strategy for big businesses. And for those who think that email marketing for business isn’t worth their time, […]