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Events Management, Promotions and Ticket sales

The Client CH Cinema Hire

CH Cinema Hire is one of the regions leading drive in Cinema hire firms specailising in providing a quality Drive In Cinema experience for families, groups and couples.

Typically CH Cinema Hire will work with land owners who have capacity to park cars, and CH Cinema Hire will arrange a schedule of showings and refrehments

The Brief

CH Cinema Hire wanted a partner who would generate online ticket sales accross multiple venues.

The Company were using a third party platform to promote and sell tickets to local visitors, at a fixed cost per ticket sale, CH Cinema Hire wanted to collect GDPR complient data to remarket ticket sales for repeat events and other local venues therefore reducing thelong term cost of repeat sales and remarketing.

CH Cinema Hire

The Solution

Realising that almost all of CH Cinema Hire customers engage on social media and as the brief was sell tickets we agreed to use the largest social media platfrm, Facebook, which has over 2 billion regular users and all of the oppotunities to engage customers are available on this platform.

Facebook provideds all of the business support services needed by this customer, however CH Cinema hire needed the services of an expert social media marketing agency DFY Social, to navigate and manage the customer flow and service his developing social media needs. 

We have access to facebook referal data and can now efficiently remarket additional events to buyers as CH Hire are now collecting the customers data.

The Platform

Facebook was the chosen platform, we used it to:

  • Inform Customers via multiple daily postings.
  • Engae customers by linking them to ticket buying service
  • Collected data via facebok pixel and messageing services.

Once the new gates were in place, we re-tarmacked all surrounding surfaces and laid new Thermoplastic Road Linings to give clear warnings to motorists.

CH Cinema Hire – Home Cinema Hire 


CH Cinema Hire – the Drive In Cinema Experience 


The End Result

CH Cinema Hire wanted to offer a regular service to its customers, stay GDPR complient and offer more Drive In Cinema experiences to others.  The Business now focusses on producing memorable events whils DFY Social focus on selling out these events.

CH Cinema Hire – The Drive in Cinema  Experience. 

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