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The Client – Direct CCTV Systems

A Local Business specialising in electronic security for homes and Businesses.  Direct CCTV Systems Supply, Install,  and maintain CCTV and Burglar Alarm Systems for Local Home Owners and Small Businesses. 

They currently serve customers locally in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire with a plan to expand operations throughout the midlands and into the home counties.

The Brief

Develop an online presence for Direct CCTV Systems in social media and in paid advertising that develops a brand people will recognise and make it easy for new customers to request information or proposals

DFY Social worked with Direct CCTV systems to develop a catchment plan to identify the ideal customer, their needs, interests and the solutions they were looking for.

social media marketing, ppc, paid advertising, google ads

The original gates

The Social Media & PPC Solution

Knowing the type of ideal customer we identified three typical triggers that often influenced customers to purchase Home or Business CCTV and Intruder alarm systems. We identified where these customers were likely to look and typically what they would look for.  Armed with this information we set about building a Social media Campaign on Facebook and Linkedin whilst developing a Paid Canmpaighn on Google PPC and Local Service Ads

We understood that the 3 key factors influencing a decision to buy was usually: 

  • An incident that had involved a family member or friend
  • A change which involved moving to a new area or neighborhood.
  • A system failure that required investment or replacement of existing equipment.


Knowing social media we anticipated that two types of customer needs would emerge, people who wanted a rapid response and people who wanted to be better informed, we agreed on two separate campaigns with The customer, providing the information in the places where customers were looking.  We used PPC, Adwords and social advertising to target customers who needed a rapid response, someone who could install and support quickly.  Working with the client we distributed and built landing pages where customers could view “how-to” videos and a library of information, from which we could retarget customers with offers and support.  We positioned Direct CCTV Systems as the go-to guy for support and assistance with choosing, installing, and maintaining Security systems.

The Solution

Facebook, Social media Marketing for homeowners, Daily Postings, Group management, and customer engagement.

LinkedIn, Social media marketing for business customers, 3 x weekly postings, Group membership and new client engagement.

Google: We agreed to use 3 services from Google arsenal of services to support local businesses, these being, GMB – Local marketing and Map marketing, Local Serice Ads, to be found at the very top of Google and Google AdWords, PPC Marketing. 

We identified that this mix of services and paid advertising would build a following, advise non-customers of best practices, position Direct CCTV Systems as a leader in the market whilst meeting the needs of people searching for a fast respnse.

social media marketing, ppc, paid advertising, google ads

Home CCTV Installation

social media marketing, ppc, paid advertising, google ads

Home CCTV Installation


The End Result

The solution took some trial and error to install, however working with the customer we were able to understand his business and better engage with customers, faster response built a better reputation.

The customer was able to respond quickly to new contracts and taking on new clients.

We build a database of customers and we were able to connect with customers in the areas he chose to expand into.  Making the expansion run smoother and increase a return much quicker.

Direct CCTV Systems now have a steady flow of eager enquiries, a database of prospective support clients, and a clear direction toward business growth.


social media marketing, ppc, paid advertising, google ads

Completed bi-folding trackless gates

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