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Google Advertising and Facebook Reputation Branding

The Client Rodents & Pest Control

The Customer Rodents & Pest Control are a family business providing Pest Control Services In Nottingham.  

Pest Control is a highly competitive industry where service providers are engaged upon their capabilities and skills. As they say, you are only as good as your last job.  The Customer had been told several times that customers had not been able to find him on social media to contact him for followup work.

The Brief

Building a reputation and generating new enquiries was at the heart of the customer’s requirement.  Having more repeat business and a steady flow of customers along with making it easier for customers new and old were key in this brief

The Business owners at Rodents and Pest Control wanted to outsource social media marketing management, to a specialist frm who they felt they could trust with the reputation of the business whilst they continued to work within the business, serving customers and having a better work, life balance.

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Rodents and Pest Control Services

The Solution

Having spent time to understand the business owners’ customers, their needs, and having a better understanding of how they select pest control services we agreed on an approach involving Facebook to build a reputation and Google AdWords to generate new customers.


On Facebook, there are over 2 billion users, many of whom spend 8 hours or more per week searching content on their news feeds that interest them.  We know that many of our local customers are searching on this social media platform and we set about building a brand, engaging customers with content, how-to tips, good news stories, and offers.  We invited customers to comment on Facebook and many satisfied customers made reference to the great service which influenced new buyers.

We anticipated a reluctance on Facebook to request a service, and agreed to use Google Adwords to engage new clients, we agreed a budget that the customer was happy to spend and set up and managed two PPC campaigns on his behalf.

The Platforms

To meet the customer’s needs, we use 2 platforms, these being:

  • Google: Google Adwords (PPC) 
  • Facebook: Social Media Marketing and Reputation Building


The customer is pleased with the results and together we are working on a further campaign using LinkedIn to better engage business customers, in the service area.

Rodents and Pest Control Services

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Rodents and Pest Control Services


The End Result

The number of enquiries has trebbled since working with DFY Social, the v=customer has a better work-life balance and he is generating a better reputation for his business which is leading to more referral business and better repeat opportunities as he is focusing on what he does well – serving his customers.

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Rodents and Pest Control Services

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