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We want to help you grow. Put your business on the map and create a powerful online presence that generates revenue and showcase your business

Local marketing is a solution that focuses marketing on local customers and is an ideal solution for service businesses and bricks-and-mortar businesses usually within a specific radius of your physical location.

The good news is that Google’s search algorithm uses a geolocation tag to identify the searcher’s location to display relevant local businesses, even if a user doesn’t specify a location or use “near me” in their query.

For example, if you enter a generic term like “plumber”, the first results that Google displays are the coffee shops local to you.

Local listings are published above organic listing and are very popular with mobile users.  Competition is generally low with less than 15% of all business’s managing their local marketing.

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Local Marketing Pricing

Google Local MarketingStand out on Google with a Professional Google My Business listing
Your company’s Google My Business (GMB) Listing, when optimized correctly, can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. When clients do hyper local searches the local map listings are the first thing they see in their search results. This is one place you want your business to show up when clients are looking for your products and services! Our GMB services provide complete optimization of your google my business listing from A-Z. This includes image optimization and basic keyword research for selected keywords. When you hire TDM to optimize your GMB page, you will have piece of mind that it was setup, verified and optimized correctly so you will be well on your way to generating more leads and sales via the internet!Google Map Listing & Google My Business Listings
  • Google Property Creation / Submission
  • Complete your business information and add a description
  • Upload more and better images
  • Respond to Google My Business reviews
  • Use posts to promote events, offers, and content
  • Create and upload videos
  • Add shortname
  • Local NAP Citations
£250/Mo Buy Now


We’ve rounded up some of our most commonly asked questions. If you still fancy a chat before giving us the keys to your social media accounts, we’re all ears…

If you want to get ahead of your competition in your local town or city then Local marketing is the game changer. Only around 20% of local business’s have set up the Google local account and most do not promote it.  Around 60%  of local serches are done on a mobile device. Local marketing gives them the information they require quickly and makes it easy for them to contact you.

We don’t believe in locking our customers into contracts. We know that circumstances change and there’s not always a budget for marketing. We charge our clients up front for the month ahead; you can then decide whether or not to renew at the end of the month, taking breaks and coming back as and when required.

  • Manual action penalties
  • Algorithmic penalties (adjustments)

We’ll drop you an email or give you a call to find out more about your business, get login details for your existing social media accounts (or create new ones if you don’t have any) and get to work. We aim to go from signup to launch within a couple of days although it may take a little longer depending on workloads.

We take payments via Direct Debit, powered by our partners at GoCardless and stripe, to save time, avoid ludicrous transaction fees and ensure we deliver a consistent service. Don’t worry – you’re free to cancel at any time. International customers take your pick – you can pay via bank transfer or any major debit or credit card.

Logging in to Google my bsiness is not normally an issue, we may need google to reset the account, which we can ussally compleate within 7 days, in the interim we can start to optimise your profile.  

Absolutely. Just fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page, or click the button below to visit our Help Centre. 

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Why choose DFY Social for social media management?
  • We work with our customers to achieve all our goals.
  • We offer social media, local marketing, and paid advertising services throughout the United Kingdom 
  • The majority of our customers have less than 50 employees and are very focused on customer satisfaction.  We are generally engaged to provide an important service where these skills are not readily available.
  • We use proven solutions and AI to ensure our customers achieve the best results. 
We Are An Extention Of Your Team

Done for You Social is an agency with a difference, we always see ourselves as more of an extension to our customers, rather than a third-party service provider. In order to demonstrate and reflect your core values, we need to work closely together and be prepared to react quickly.

Data-Driven Approach

Facebook desktop ads have an on average 8.1x higher click-through rate the Google AdWords.  Facebook mobile ads have a 9.1x higher Click Through Rate. We research our customer’s goals and use the data to agree on how best to achieve the goals.

Specialist Services

We aim to have your posts seen the moment your potential customers are searching for your products or services, and we intend to place your brand in the places your future customers are searching. Once we understand who your ideal customer is we can focus better for you.


Get In Touch so that we can put together a bespoke package that meets your needs and budget Choose from any of the services below.

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Social Media Management
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Paid Digital Marketing
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Email Marketing
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Website Management
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Website Development
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Website Optimisation
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Marketing Reporting
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Graphic Design
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Search Engine Optimisation


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