If you are looking for a very particular prospect, pay per lead advertising costs may actually be lower than costs associated with competitive pay per click campaigns, and often the quality of leads is much higher. When launching pay per lead campaign, we’ll talk to you about the specific parameters of your ideal prospect and how many leads you want to receive each month. Based on your input, we’ll handle the landing page development and the digital marketing costs associated with PPC or organic search optimization.

Pay per lead marketing is a performance-based marketing program that is based entirely on a mutual agreement for the “per action” fee of our services. Whether you are talking about a pay per call, pay per lead, or pay per sale (or any other model you can name), the general premise of performance-based marketing is that you only pay when we deliver your end action. Typically, this is a pay per lead process where we acquire leads for your business for a set fee. The parameters of that agreement are defined before we ever start working.

  • Lead Magnets
  • Conversion Landing Pages
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • emfluence Captures Leads for Your Company
  • Qualifying the Lead
  • Real-time Lead Delivery
  • Response


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