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Case Study – Pest Control Reputation Management

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The Client – LMD Conservatory Roofs

LMD Conservatory Roofs are the regions leading installer of tiled, lightweight conservatory roofs.

Operating throughout the midlands, LMD Conservatory Roofs have traditionally sourced new business from local print media and customer referrals.   

The Brief

There has been a decline in the benefits of advertising in Print media, as circulation has dropped prices have increased.  The end result is the customer is now paying more for less.

The customer had a bad experience in dealing with leads suppliers who sold leads to multiple companies. 

The brief was simple, “bring me more customer enquiries”. 

social media marketing, ppc, paid advertising, google ads

Social Media Marketing – Done For You

The Social Media Platforms

Working with LMD Conservatory Roofs we quickly identified the ideal customer, their needs and the solutions offered by LMD to respond to the customer’s needs.

We agreed that customers needed to be educated and set about creating informative articles that could be aggregated to drive better traffic and alert customers to the benefits of a quality system.

Facebook is used to showcase the quality installations undertaken by the customers and to drive better customer engagement. We boost better performing posts each month to increase newsfeed visibility and customer enquiries.

Google local marketing was a game-changer, promoting the local business locally generated a regular stream of website visitors, enquiries and visits to the showroom. 

The Solution

To meet the customer’s needs, we use 2 platforms, these being:

  • Google: GMB, Google Local Marketing, Google Maps
  • Facebook: Social Media Marketing, Brand awareness
  • Content Aggregation: customer education and awareness program


The customer is pleased with the results and together we are have continued to develop the plan and provide services that generate leads and better engage customers.

Inside view of a LMD Conservatory Roof 


Inside view of a LMD Conservatory Roof 


The End Result

The Customer is no longer using print media, the LMD business has trebled in size, he has been able to enjoy a better work-life balance by taking on additional staff, who are keen to work for him as he has a constant flow of work.  He has taken on a new sales director and increased the sales team.  Customer feedback is positive with more referrals coming from existing customers.

LMD Conservatory Roofs – lightweight, tiled, insulated, and internally  plastered conservatory roofs that you can use all year round

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