Social Media Services

Build a Relationship Where Your Customers Are:

If You are serious about building new business you have to go to the places where your customers are and not just sit back and wait for them.    SEO is dead, not just penguin and panda algorithm changes, it’s also the fact that the social media giants are not putting so many other advertising opportunities above the organic rank places.  

Social media is bursting with opportunities to engage new and existing customers – from winning new customers or using your existing customers to influence more new business.

Think about how and where your future customers are and feel free to set up a discovery call with teh “Done For You” Social agency 

Done For You Social Media Management

The DFY Social Agency offers full-service social media management, paid advertising, and local marketing services for companies looking to grow their business.

Our social strategy is jointly agreed and we offer both paid and organic opportunities across multiple social media channels. Including, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat and LinkedIn whilst our local and voice search marketing strategy includes being social on Google, Bing, Apple, and Amazon, we also work with smaller niche social media platforms we will ensure your social media strategy captures your ideal audiences at a competitive CPC

Social Ads 

DFY Social are an experienced social media agency that typically engages customers when and where you need them.  A social media campaign will often need traction to build results, more followers, likes and shares will develop into a larger better-engaged audience.  You can build that audience quicker with social ads, and more quickly engage customers to generate a faster return.

Pay Per Click 

Paid search, PPC or pay-per-click advertising, is an opportunity to get in front of the searchers you want to target, giving you the chance to stay seen above the organic results.  PPC can be the perfect strategy for consistently driving conversions, many of our clients use pay per click campaigns to supplement organic and social media campaigns. 
Why choose DFY Social for social media marketing?
  • We work with our customers to achieve our goals.
  • We offer social media, local marketing, and paid advertising services throughout the United Kingdom 
  • The majority of our customers have less than 50 employees and are very focused on customer satisfaction.  We are generally engaged to provide an important service where these skills are not readily available.
  • We use proven solutions and AI to ensure our customers achieve the best results. 


Lets get started.

We Are An Extention Of Your Team

Done for You Social is an agency with a difference, we always see ourselves as more of an extension to our customers, rather than a third-party service provider. In order to demonstrate and reflect your core values, we need to work closely together and be prepared to react quickly.

Data-Driven Approach

Facebook desktop ads have an on average 8.1x higher click-through rate the Google AdWords.  Facebook mobile ads have a 9.1x higher Click Through Rate. We research our customers goals and use the data to agree how best to achieve the goals.



Specialist Services

We aim to have your posts seen the moment your potential customers are searching for your products or services, and we intend to place your brand in the places your future customers are searching. Once we understand who your ideal customer is we can focus better for you.