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The Best Psychology Hacks In Marketing

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Top Hacks In Marketing


Any marketer worth his value in sales will tell you that it’s all about getting potential customers to spend their money on your products.

And yes, there are many factors involved in developing a working marketing strategy with a decent success rate.

However, if you really want to succeed at marketing, you are going to have to know how to use customer psychology to your advantage.

Get it right, and you can get a customer to purchase more of your products and spend even more money than they had initially planned.

In this post, we take a closer look at some of the best psychology tricks to use to up your sales and improve your business’s bottom line.

Ready to get started? Let’s get to it!


A look at primingHacks In Marketing, social media, local marketing, done for you, social media marketing, social media management

Suppose you saw an ad written, “King Burger, Get The Tastiest Burger Available For Your Family This Weekend!”

Now let’s assume there wasn’t any image of the burger but right next to the ad was the contact and website information of a garbage disposal company.

Are you likely to go for the burger?

But what if next to the ad was the picture of the delicious-looking burger, and you had some money on you. Which of the two citations are you more likely to buy the burger?

If you mention scenario 2, then you are absolutely right.

And the reason why the second scenario works is because of priming. Simply put, being exposed to a stimulus will influence how you react to another.

In our case above, you were exposed to the stimulus, which was the image of a delicious burger through the ad which then caused you to react by buying the burger.


Creating Value Through Scarcity

One study showed that people are more attracted to something if it is not readily available.

Savvy marketers know this and are always trying to create the illusion of scarcity in order to build interest in a product.

Think of the airline industry, which uses lines such as “only a few tickets left at this price.”

And how often have you heard this one, “hurry while stocks last.”

Creating a Decoy

Okay, so people love items that are less available and more valuable. But you want to know what else people love?


People enjoy knowing that they got something valuable at a much lower price.

So how about using this in your next marketing campaign?

For instance, you could add two prices to an ad: one higher and one lower. Cancel the higher price to show customers that they are getting a product at a lower price.

Offering Free Trials

According to one study done in 1990, once people gain something of value, they are unwilling to lose it.

Using this principle, companies now offer free trials( something of value) which are intended to prompt users to subscribe once the free trial period is over.

This is also why you see some companies offering free samples. They are hoping that once users have recognized the value of the product, they will then come back and make a purchase.


Reciprocating The Good

People like to repay kindness with kindness. If your business offered something as a token of appreciation, customers are more likely to make future purchases.

For example, you may send gifts cards to your customers to show that you appreciate them.

They will, in turn, feel the need to reciprocate by being loyal, which then means more sales.

Final Thoughts

Understanding human psychology can be one of the best investments you can make for your business. And no!

You don’t have to enroll for a degree at the university.

By simply understanding the psychological tricks that prompt a reaction, you can use them in your marketing campaign for greater success.


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