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Unlocking the Power of Pinterest for Local Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide

pinterest for local businesses

Pinterest is full of opportunities for local businesses to reach new customers and grow. It has over 450 million users every month. Local businesses can use it to show their products and services in an attractive way, reaching people actively looking for what they offer. This guide will show you how to use Pinterest’s special features to connect with your audience and succeed on the platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Pinterest offers a highly-engaged audience of over 450 million active users per month, making it a valuable platform for local businesses to reach their target market.
  • The visual-centric nature of Pinterest allows local businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand in a visually appealing manner, helping them stand out in the crowded digital landscape.
  • Pinterest provides a cost-effective marketing solution for local businesses, with a 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion compared to other platforms.
  • Leveraging Pinterest’s unique features, such as its visual search engine capabilities, can help local businesses connect with their target audience and promote their offerings to potential customers.
  • This beginner’s guide will unlock the secrets to harnessing the power of Pinterest and developing a winning strategy to succeed on this visual-centric platform.

Why Should Local Businesses Utilise Pinterest?

Pinterest has a big audience that’s ready to buy. In the US, 45% of users make more than £100k a year. Plus, 85% of these users buy things they find on Pinterest. If your business is local, this is a great way to find new customers.

Compared to other sites, Pinterest is better for making money. Ads here give a 32% better return on the money spent. People who shop on Pinterest spend twice as much. This shows local businesses can do well by showing their products here.

Maximising Visual Content

Because Pinterest is all about visuals, it’s perfect for local businesses. They can use lovely pictures to get noticed. By sharing high-quality images, they make their products look great. This helps them get the attention of people who love beautiful things.

With great images, local businesses can really stand out online. They can make a strong connection with the people they want to reach. This makes them memorable in the digital world.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing on Pinterest isn’t expensive and it works well for local businesses. It’s 2.3 times more cost-efficient than other sites. Also, the pics and posts, or pins, last long. They stay interesting and easy to find for about a year. This means businesses can keep reaching customers without spending a lot all the time.

Setting Up a Successful Pinterest Business Account

Setting up a Pinterest business account is key for local businesses. It gives you access to useful analytics and ads. This helps you understand your audience better and improve your marketing. Make sure your business account looks good. Include a nice profile picture, a clear bio, and a link to your website.

Creating a Compelling Profile

Your business profile is the first thing people see. It should show off your brand’s style and vibe with a cool profile image. Also, write a bio that tells people about your products and what’s special about your brand. Lastly, add a link to your website so people can easily find out more.

Optimising Your Boards and Pins

With your account ready, it’s time to work on your Pinterest boards and pins. Start by finding the best keywords for your business, industry, and audience. Then, use these words to name your boards and describe your pins. This helps people find your content.

Key Element Importance
Pinterest Business Account Provides access to valuable analytics and advertising tools to help you better understand your audience and optimise your marketing efforts.
Profile Optimisation Creates a clear and compelling first impression, showcasing your brand’s visual identity and unique selling points.
Board and Pin Optimisation Enhances the visibility and discoverability of your content by leveraging relevant keywords and creating a cohesive, visually-appealing Pinterest presence.

With a good Pinterest business account, a strong profile, and smart boards and pins, you’ll start seeing the benefits. This includes more engagement, traffic, and growth for your business.

Pinterest business account

Pinterest for Local Businesses: Developing a Winning Strategy

Creating a good Pinterest plan for local businesses is all about finding your audience. It’s key to know who uses Pinterest and what they like. This helps local business owners make content that appeals to these people. They can make buyer personas and match their products with what locals want and need.

Local businesses also need to use the right words to get found on Pinterest. They should add local keywords and hashtags to their posts. This means mentioning the city, area, or local hotspots in their pins. By doing this, their posts are more likely to show up when people search in their area.

Leveraging Community Boards

Local businesses can gain a lot by joining community boards on Pinterest. It helps them reach more people in their area. They can work with other local shops, influencers, or groups to promote each other’s posts. This can bring more visitors and potential buyers to their storefront.

Key Benefits of a Localised Pinterest Strategy Metrics to Track
  • Targeted reach to your local audience
  • Increased brand visibility and community engagement
  • Leveraging local partnerships and community boards
  • Optimised Pinterest SEO with local keywords and hashtags
  • Follower growth on your business account
  • Engagement rates (likes, comments, saves)
  • Traffic driven to your website from Pinterest
  • Conversion rates and sales generated

Creating Visually Appealing and Compelling Pins

Pinterest puts visuals first. So, local businesses need great pins to catch users’ eyes. This might mean getting expert product photography or making unique graphics and illustrations. They can also use design tools like Canva. The aim is to make pins that stand out and look like theirs alone. By focusing on the look of their pins, businesses can grab attention and make their Pinterest graphics more appealing.

Using High-Quality Images and Graphics

For local businesses to shine on Pinterest, they must use top-notch images and graphics. These should show off their branding and product photography. Ways to do this might include placing their items in inspiring scenes, making unique illustrations, or using design tools for fascinating pin descriptions. When visual aspects take priority, local entrepreneurs make sure their content doesn’t get lost in Pinterest’s busy crowd. This helps them connect with their desired audience effectively.

Writing Attention-Grabbing Descriptions

Good pins aren’t just about looks. They also need catchy pin descriptions to draw users in. This means using important keywords, making the text interesting, and adding a clear call-to-action. The goal is to get users to visit the business’s site or store. By making the text interesting, businesses can up their chances of being seen. This can lead to more Pinterest conversions, lead generation, and getting users involved.

Incorporating Calls to Action

To change Pinterest users into maybe-customers, local businesses should add clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to their pins. These CTAs could ask users to check out their website, browse their products, or do something else with the brand. This directs users towards doing something specific. It helps local entrepreneurs turn passing viewers into people who are more likely to buy or engage with their offerings. Overall, it’s key for boosting business and getting more Pinterest conversions.

visual content

Promoting Your Local Business on Pinterest

Local businesses can boost their presence on Pinterest by working with local influencers and community leaders. By partnering with them, they can reach their audience and enhance their brand’s visibility. This also helps in creating user-generated content, making their Pinterest presence more authentic and wider.

Collaborating with Local Influencers

Working with local influencers is a great way to get your brand known locally. They already have a big following in the area. This means they can introduce your products or services to new customers in a more believable way. When they share content about your business, their followers listen because these influencers are well trusted within the community.

Running Targeted Pinterest Ads

Besides posting organically, local businesses can try out Pinterest’s ad platform. It helps them target users in their area with specific interests. This approach is not only effective but also easy on the budget. Through targeted ads, businesses can drive more traffic, get leads, and grow their sales and revenue.

Measuring and Optimising Your Pinterest Performance

Local businesses need to keep an eye on their marketing success on Pinterest. They should use the analytics tools on Pinterest’s Business account. These tools show who’s looking at their content, what content works best, and if their strategy is effective. This information helps them make smart decisions. They can improve their content and make their Pinterest page better for more impact.

Analysing Pinterest Analytics

Users can find lots of valuable data through Pinterest’s analytics. They can check things like how many people see their posts, click on them, save them, and buy something because of them. This data helps businesses know what their audience likes. It lets them make content that’s more appealing. By using this information, they can enhance their content to get even better results.

Testing and Refining Your Strategy

But it’s not just about the data. It’s also about trying new things and making the strategy better. Businesses might play with different post styles, themes, or ways to promote. Then, they should see what works best. This way, they can keep improving. They can focus on what their local community likes. So, their marketing on Pinterest stays effective as times change.

Metric Description Importance for Local Businesses
Impressions The number of times your pins have been seen by users on Pinterest. Helps track the overall reach and visibility of your content, allowing you to optimise for maximum exposure.
Clicks The number of times users have clicked on your pins, leading them to your website or online store. Indicates the engagement and interest your content is generating, and can inform your content optimisation strategy.
Saves The number of times users have saved your pins to their boards, indicating they find your content valuable. Provides insights into the relevance and appeal of your content to your target audience, guiding your A/B testing and strategy refinement.
Conversions The number of users who have taken a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form, after engaging with your pins. Allows you to measure the effectiveness of your Pinterest marketing in driving tangible business results, informing your data-driven marketing approach.


Pinterest is a great chance for UK local businesses. It helps them connect with their audience, increase online visits, and boost revenue and brand awareness. The platform offers unique tools like visual search and affordable ads. This helps local business owners make a compelling Pinterest plan that suits their community.

To make the most of Pinterest, businesses should focus on creating eye-catching content. They should also work with local influencers. This will massively help in becoming successful online. By using Pinterest’s strength in visuals and community engagement, any local business can grow significantly.

There is a lot to gain from Pinterest for UK businesses. By smartly using this platform, you can make your business known online, find new clients, and grow steadily. Seize the opportunities that Pinterest offers. This will lead your brand towards success.


What are the key benefits of using Pinterest for local businesses?

Pinterest gives local businesses access to a lively audience and a chance to promote their products in a beautiful way. It offers better returns on advertising than other platforms. Also, people on Pinterest tend to spend more when shopping.

How can local businesses set up a successful Pinterest account?

Creating a good Pinterest business account means having a clear, attractive profile. Local business owners should pick a catchy image and write an interesting bio. They should also link to their website. It’s also crucial to make sure their boards and pins help them stand out.

What are the key elements of a winning Pinterest strategy for local businesses?

For a local company to do well on Pinterest, they need to know their audience. Using the right keywords and hashtags helps. They should join community boards and post pins that look great and encourage people to act.

How can local businesses collaborate with influencers and run targeted Pinterest ads?

Local shops can work with influencers in their area to boost their brand. They could also use Pinterest ads to catch their audience’s attention more effectively. This way, they can customise their ads for better results.

How can local businesses measure and optimise their Pinterest performance?

Tracking Pinterest metrics is key for a business to keep doing well. By using the analytics in their business account, owners can see what works. This helps them adjust their strategy and improve their Pinterest page continuously.

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